Boilers (LPG or NG)

There’s a common perception that if a thing isn’t broke you shouldn’t fix it. It’s not true, especially when it comes to boilers!

Did you know that any boiler over ten years old, be it natural gas or LPG, could be wasting you a lot of money? We’ve had several customers whose heating bills halved after they replaced their old boiler, and with the price of fuel as it is, that can be a lot of money! Boiler efficiency can be measured; call us in and we can tell you just how much efficient  / inefficient your boiler is.

But there’s more than that, a boiler is rather like your car, if you don’t service it regularly it will break down, and, like your car, it can become dangerous! Un-serviced boilers are the largest cause of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the problem is that it’s so hard to notice, people often thinking they have food poisoning, a viral infection, flu or are just tired.

It’s just not worth the risk! If your boiler hasn’t been serviced recently, ring us NOW on 01225 769 828 and we’ll come and give it a through check.