If you’ve ever opened the drain valve on one of your radiators you’ll probably have been horrified at the black muddy mixture that came out. It’s what builds up if a heating system isn’t flushed out and the water replaced every year, and what it’s doing is clogging up and making your system increasingly inefficient.

There’s a way to combat it.

Firstly, call us in to flush your heating system properly.

Secondly, as we refill the system we’ll add all the right chemicals to minimize the build up of that black iron oxide sludge.

Thirdly, we can fit a MagnClean magnetic filter to your system. MagnClean filters are already installed in more than two million UK homes, they work by collecting that damaging sludge and in doing so they’ll reduce your heating bills and minimise your on-going maintenance costs, protecting your boiler for longer. Why not give us a call on 01225 769 828 to find out more.