Water Softeners

If you live in Bath or the surrounding towns and villages hard water and lime scale is a fact of life. It impacts almost every cleaning task from laundering and dishwashing to bathing and personal grooming. Clothes washed in hard water look dingy and feel harsh and scratchy, dishes and glasses become spotted as they dry. Hard water causes that film on your glass shower doors, shower walls, and bathtubs, and hair washed in hard water can feel sticky and look dull.

 It’s also been proved that central heating system can become less efficient and consequently more expensive to run within just five years of being fitted if hard water is used.

And you don’t have to live with it! We can supply and fit water softeners either to your mains water supply or just to your drinking water, bathroom supply or washing machine. It’s up to you. Why not give us a ring on 01225 769 828 to find out how easy and cost effective fitting water softeners can be.